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Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Longest Bridges In The World

While in this competitive world this conflict seems to be unsolved that which is the longest bridge in the world some have measured them and ranked them according to their length.The main reason of this conflict is the different measurement units around the world  and also it is hard to define what exactly constitutes a bridge. Here are the top 10 longest bridges of the world.
10.Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, US (29,290 m)
9.Shanghai Maglev Track, China (30 km)
7.Runyang Bridge, China (35.66 kilometres)

6.Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China (35.673 km)
5.The Manchac Swamp Bridge, US (36.69 km)
4.The Causeway, USA (38.35 km)
3.The Bang Na Expressway, Thailand (55 km)
2.Tianjin Grand Bridge, China (113.7 kilometres)
1.Danyang–Kunshan, China (164.8 kilometres)

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